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Depend on a proven attorney

Find assurance in proper legal counsel

When you need quality representation involving the Federal Government, State Government, or even in private sector cases, Monalie Bledsoe will give you representation you can rely on.


If you need representation before the Merit Systems Protection Board, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or other federal agencies, you will receive the responsive and thorough representation you need.


You can depend on competent representation in cases involving:


- Removals                                                                                                    

- Suspensions                                                

- Reductions in Force                                  

- Performance                                            

- Furloughs                                                

- Disability Retirement                                

- Suitability Determinations                        

                                            - Security Clearances

Facing any legal action can be a very stressful and trying time. Without proper legal counsel, you could face real challenges. Monalie Bledsoe will give you the kind of representation you will need in Employment Law cases.


You will be treated with respect and dignity and have all your questions answered. Whether you have a private sector case or one involving government, you will receive top quality representation.

Nationwide Federal Employment Law representation!


For legal representation you can depend on, call for a consultation today.



Quality representation you can depend on

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- Discrimination

- Family and Medical Leave Act

- Arbitration

- Mediation

- Letters to Employers

- Employment Contracts

- Settlement Agreements